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Our Snowmobile models

Our selection of graphic kits support a whole range of snowmobile models. From Arctic Cat we have the Arctic Cat M8000, Arctic Cat M6000 and Arctic Cat Alpha. For Polaris we have the Polaris Axys PRO-RMK range, and the Polaris Axys SKS and in the Pro-Ride range, the Polaris Pro-Ride PRO-RMK, Polaris Pro-Ride RMK and the Polaris Pro-Ride Assault. The ever so popular Boondocker, we have em. Both the Lynx Boondocker DS / RE and the new 2018+ Lynx Boondocker Radien. We have three generations of Ski-doos: the Ski-Doo REV-XP, Ski-doo REV-XM and the current Ski-Doo Gen4. And lastly but not least the Yamaha Sidewinder and the Yamaha Viper. Feel free to browse!