Installation guide

Installation guide

Learn how to apply your decals. We walk you through everything from preparing, cleaning and aligning and how you make the decals stick season after season.

Step by step


Do not apply outdoors in direct sunlight.
Use a heat gun to remove the old decals.
Remove all residues with an adhesive cleaner.
Clean all surfaces with a surface cleaner.
Use the included map to navigate through the decal sheet.


Place a couple of adjacent pieces.
Spray them with soapy water (2-3 drops in 1L water)
and place them light and carefully.
Try to make the design fit as good as possible.
Scrape the water out. Scrape from center outwards.
Continue like this until the whole wrap is applied.

Post heating

Heat up the pieces with a heat gun while pushing outwards with your hand.
Do not use more heat than your hand can take.
Use your thumb to give some extra care to the edges.

Tip! Air vent meshes are prone to melting so use the heat gun around them cautiously, or even better, remove the meshes entirely if possible.