Wraps for you and your ride

Do you want your snowmobile, watercraft or motocross to really stand out in the crowd? Try a graphics kit from us, Motowrap. A wrap will make your ride truly unique and personal. Browse our extensive selection of designs or design your own. With our designtools, Templates and MotoAPP, it’s easy to create your very own decals.

Decals made for snow, water and mud

Choose from our extensive range of designs or why not use our tool to design your very own unique wrap. We only use high quality materials that is going to enhance your experience season after season. Our decals uses an extremely aggressive adhesive and won’t fall of any time soon. Regardless of style you’ll find something that rhymes with your taste. Maybe you got what it takes to design your own decals that truly fits your personality. We have the tools to make this possible for you.

Checkout one of our Team Riders Marcus Dübois on instagram!

Custom graphics kit

There are two ways of making a totally unique wrap. Either you want to make small changes to an already existing design in our shop. Let’s say you find a Sea-doo Spark graphics kit but you want to change a color, move stuff around or add elements, logos etc. just contact us and we’ll make it happen. The other way is to design your own, completely from scratch, We got the tools, you got the imagination.

Replacement pieces

Let’s hope not, but if you do happen to damage your graphics kit in one way or another you can order individual replacement pieces. Contact us and we’ll solve it.

Installation guide